Medical Lab Homogenizer Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Ultrasonic Disperser

Medical Lab Homogenizer Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Ultrasonic Disperser

Medical ultrasonic cell disruptor consists of ultrasonic generator and transducer. The ultrasonic generator converts the mains power into 18-21khz alternating power to supply the transducer. Barium zirconate titanate piezoelectric vibrator is the heart of the transducer. It makes telescopic elastic deformation at the frequency of 18-21khz with the alternating voltage, and the transducer makes longitudinal mechanical vibration. The vibration wave produces cavitation effect through the titanium alloy horn immersed in biological solution, which excites the violent vibration of biological particles in the medium.

Working principle: Based on the cavitation effect of ultrasonic in the liquid, the transducer generates high-strength shear force in the liquid at the top of the tool head through the horn, forming high-frequency alternating water pressure, expanding and exploding the cavity and breaking the cells. In addition, when ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, it produces violent disturbance, which makes the particles produce great acceleration, so as to collide with each other or with the wall to achieve the effect of crushing, emulsification and separation.

Ultrasonic cell crusher is usually used to crush samples, such as Escherichia coli, yeast, algae, etc;

Ultrasonic cell pulverizer is usually used to prepare emulsion, such as waxy emulsion, vitamin emulsion and intravenous emulsion.



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