Ultrasonic Extractor Low Temperature Extraction Concentrator Probe Sonicator

Ultrasonic Extractor Low Temperature Extraction Concentrator Probe Sonicator

Portable ultrasonic extractor homogenizer is a miniaturized desktop sample processing device, which can control the discharge temperature below 10 ℃, and can choose different application homogenization valves. It has the characteristics of high pressure, small volume, convenient operation, high processing efficiency and large sample volume. It is a standard equipment for R & D and production in biological, pharmaceutical, food and materials industries.

Working principle: the material enters the high-pressure chamber through the one-way valve from the material cup, and the sample reaches the regulated and controlled high pressure through the expansion and compression of the plunger. It is instantly released through the flow limiting gap of a specific width to form a micro jet that strikes the impact valve or homogenization valve, and then passes through the effects of hole, impact and shear to achieve the purpose of material emulsification and dispersion and cell crusher.


1. Microorganisms such as yeast, Escherichia coli and schizosporum.

2. Tremella spores, hawthorn leaves, loquat leaves, ginger roots and other plant tissues.

3. Plant proteins such as soybean protein, peanut protein and sweet potato protein.

4. Milk, ice cream, cream, flavored or fortified milk, yogurt and other dairy products.



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