20khz Ultrasonic Cell Crusher Sonifier/Sonifier/Ultrasonic Processor

Ultrasonic Cell Crusher Sonifier/Sonifier/Ultrasonic Processor

Portable Manual Ultrasonic Homogenizer/Probe Sonicator/Ultrasonicator

Manual ultrasonic homogenizer probe sonicator is also called ultrasonicator. It is equipped with titanium alloy probe. It can be used for the crushing of a variety of cells, bacteria, viruses, animal and plant tissues. The maximum sample size can be up to 1000ml. It can be used for emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning, preparation, dispersion and acceleration of chemical reaction of nano materials. It is widely used in biology, medicine, agronomy, chemistry, materials science, pharmacy and other fields.

Working principle fo ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator

the material enters the high-pressure chamber through the one-way valve from the material cup, and the sample reaches the regulated and controlled high pressure through the expansion and compression of the plunger. It is instantly released through the flow limiting gap of a specific width to form a micro jet that strikes the impact valve or homogenization valve, and then passes through the effects of hole, impact and shear to achieve the purpose of material emulsification and dispersion and cell crusher.

Application area for ultrasonic probe sonicator

1. Chinese herbal medicine, tremella spore, hawthorn leaf, loquat leaf, ginger plant rhizome and other plant tissues.

2. Spirulina Cells, Candida hair cells, Chlorella cells and other algal cells.

3. Microorganisms such as yeast, Escherichia coli and schizosporum.

4. Food and beverage, dairy products, jelly and other liquid foods.

5. Carbon black paint paste, phthalocyanine green paint paste, phthalocyanine blue paint paste, purple 23 paint paste and other paint pastes.



20khz Ultrasonic Cell Crusher Sonifier/Sonifier/Ultrasonic Processor_Ultrasonic Transducer_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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